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What type of student are you looking for?

Our primary focus is students with a great attitude and an openness to learn new skills. We don’t require existing tech or mechanical skills. Targeted students range from recent high school graduates hoping to find a well-paying career without taking on student loan debt, Community College students looking to add to the skills they’ve learned and find a career that can grow with them, community members wanting to stay in on the Central and South Coasts, but needing a different career path to land a job here, to mom’s wanting to re-enter the workforce to veterans..

Why should I join an apprenticeship?
  • If you are someone who enjoys working in a team, problem-solving, and learning new skills, the Tri-Counties Building & Construction Trades Council's Apprenticeship program offers an opportunity to enter a career path with the potential to earn head of household income, right here on the Central Coast.
  • The local industry is growing rapidly, and in desperate need of motivated, reliable and ambitious individuals to help them grow.
  • The Tri-Counties Building & Construction Trades Council's program provides the foundational training these employers are looking for, and creates connections between our Bootcamp graduates and the manufacturing business community.
  • We’ve helped dozens of local community members level-up their skills and find a new career path

How much can I earn?

Apprenticeship and journeyman wages vary based on the trade you pursue after the program, but are strong and generally come with strong benefits including full medical and pensions. One example of the plumbers and pipe-fitters apprenticeship starts at $22/hr for a first-year apprentice, along with a $6/hr benefits package, and after the 4th year on the job, the total hourly wage including benefits is approximately $78/hr.


Make more money

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Find work anywhere

A construction apprenticeship can dramatically increase your standard of living

Receive high quality hands-on training and classroom education – with no student debt

Construction Apprentices receive reputable credentials and national industry certifications


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